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Are you a qualified and skilled educator looking for a rewarding career opportunity? Joining us as a lecturer is simple. After a thorough verification of your IDs, qualifications, and skill assessment, you can become part of our dedicated teaching team.

As a lecturer, you'll have the unique opportunity to create curriculum, propose teaching and learning activities, and actively participate in shaping the learning eco-system. Our lecturers are appointed at various branches and partner institutions, receiving benefits and incentives that match their roles, duties, and job descriptions.

"Join us today and take the first step towards an exciting career in education!"
Instructors at Best IELTS & PTE Centre are valued members of our team, and we expect them to adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

Code of Conduct: Instructors are expected to follow the code of conduct outlined by the organization.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Instructors must maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding students' and the organization's internal affairs. Privacy of information is paramount.

Non-Solicitation: Instructors are required to adhere to the organization's non-solicitation policies.

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities: Instructors should follow their job descriptions and responsibilities as per organizational policies.

Compensation Terms: Breach of confidentiality, forgery, copyright violations, and similar offenses may lead to compensation terms as per the organization's policies.

Copyright Properties: Instructors should not share or use the organization's copyright properties without the organization's explicit consent.

Punctuality: Instructors are expected to be punctual and adhere to schedules.

Quality Teaching Materials: Instructors should provide high-quality teaching materials tailored to the needs of our students.

These rules help ensure a positive and professional environment for both instructors and students at Best IELTS & PTE Centre.
Certainly, here's a more detailed explanation of how an instructor can start a course at Best IELTS & PTE Centre:

Course Proposal:
Instructors are encouraged to propose courses they are passionate about and believe will benefit students. These proposals should outline the course objectives, content, and expected outcomes.

Collaboration and Resources:
Once a course proposal is accepted, the organization collaborates with the instructor to provide the necessary resources. This includes access to IT infrastructure, multimedia tools, and both physical and virtual teaching and learning resources.

Curriculum Development:
Instructors, in collaboration with the organization, work on revising and enhancing the course curriculum. This may involve updating content, incorporating the latest teaching methodologies, and ensuring alignment with industry standards.

Planning and Publishing:
With the revised curriculum in place, a detailed plan is created for course delivery. This plan outlines the course structure, schedule, assessment methods, and learning objectives. Once finalized, the course is published and made available for enrollment.

Marketing and Enrollment:
The organization takes charge of marketing the course to attract potential students. This may involve online and offline promotional activities to reach a wider audience. Marketing efforts are aimed at generating interest and enrolling students into the course.

Course Launch:
After successful marketing and enrollment, the course is officially launched. Instructors are supported throughout the launch phase, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to teaching.

By following this process, Best IELTS & PTE Centre fosters collaboration between instructors and the organization to create and offer high-quality courses that meet the needs of students while utilizing a wide range of teaching and learning resources.